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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Avalon Beach, Sydney NSW Australia
  • What is your currrency?
    We are based in Australian, our currency is AUD - Australian Dollar.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    We ship worldwide. Shipping costs will depend on your location, and the cost will be partially absorbed by ASTON Bridal, this remaining cost will be invoiced to you with your invoice or once you garment is ready to ship. Alternatively if purchasing directly online the shipping will be displayed at checkout. Taxes & duties are not included in this cost, this varies for each country. If local to our studio we do allow pick up. If you live in a international remote location $35 shipping fee may apply anytime. Should this or any other extreme address based charge be raised by our carier we will reach out.
  • How long does the process take?
    Each gown is made to order to your closest proportions. For Bespoke Concepts: Once we have finalised your design we encourage minimum 5 months Production time on average. More complex designs we encourage 8 months production time. We like to encourage you to incorporate a little additional time for alterations should they be required, even in the case that no additional alterations are required we like to encourage a little time with your dress to minimize your stress leading into your special day. 6-8 weeks is a comfortable allocation for your alterations before your wedding day. On Average: Custom gowns can be expected to take anywhere from 6-12 months from concept to delivery. Some of our most popular gowns will be available to purchase ready to wear, these will be available to ship immediately. If your wedding date is sooner than any of the above time frames please contact us.
  • How do I place my order?
    All orders are placed and confirmed via email.
  • Can I order your dress from anywhere else?
    ASTON is exclusively available just through us. Which is why our price point is more accessible and therefore a REALLY good value product.
  • Do you offer/include alterations?
    Alternations are not included in the purchase of your gown. We have connected with a handful of local talented seamstresses in Sydney & interstate that we can refer you to, however, we do not offer in-house alterations at this stage. Please note, there are no contractual agreements in place with our recommended seamstresses, nor do we receive any compensation for referring their business.
  • My dress arrived in the post, what should I do now? Should I Steam My dress? How?!
    We know that when your gown arrives in its neat little package, excitement levels skyrocket. But let's be real, some of our dresses are like big, beautiful clouds of tulle and satin - they've got some serious fluff! So, while they may arrive a tad more wrinkled than their sleeker counterparts, fear not! Unfurling your gown is like unwrapping a gift, and a bit of steaming is all it takes to let its true radiance shine through. Plus, here's a little secret: our compact, discreet packaging not only ensures a speedy and safe delivery but also saves you a pretty penny on shipping costs. We are a no fluff business for lots of reasons, economical and sustainability wise, who needs the extra recycling?! Who wouldn't want to allocate those extra funds towards another fabulous detail for the big day? For our local lovelies: we offer the convenience of a pick-up service from our studio. Please book this appointment online if you would like. So whether your dress journey starts with a doorstep delivery or a friendly face-to-face in studio, rest assured, we've got you covered. Let's make sure your walk down the aisle is as smooth as silk – quite literally. Let's get steaming! How to Steam your dress: A new steamer will be your best friend. Steamers can build up limescale just like your kitchen kettle, so if you are worried you can cover your steamer with an old white Tshirt. This is not recommended by your steamer manufacturing company, this is just some friendly advice from a fellow woman with a steamer. Disclaimer, please don't burn your fingers, its hot. We recommend going from underneath the fabric as much as possible, both to protect your dress but also because it creates a little heat tent and is quite efficient to remove any wrinkling. For tougher wrinkles you can go from the outside, please be extra careful not to hold the steamer in one place too long, keep it moving to avoid damage and again, if you are worried please cover your steamer. There are wonderful professional steaming services available to help you get your bridal dress looking absolutely perfect, we recommend these experts closer to your day (especially if tacking this task yourself is your idea of a DIY hell). Keep in mind you will still need to touch up steam your dress on the morning of your special day to ensure it is picture perfect.
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