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Our Story

The love story of how ASTON Bridal came to be is one of true serendipity - a series of life events that make the brand seem destined to be.

Once upon a time...


                                                                                there was a designer, Miranda-lee Aston who fell in love with the whimsy and romance of weddings. Her own wedding day was a dream come true, both Bride & Groom wearing her designs felt like the most personal touch. Miranda created her own reception dress and was astounded by the reaction it received...


After having already spent a decade in the fashion industry,  both bringing other brands creations to fruition & previously owning a luxury lingerie label, she had always been inspired by romantic lace and luxurious fabrications.  Now, with her love for romance and her own wedding fresh in her mind, Miranda knew that her true calling was to create unique, customised bridal gowns that would capture the essence of each bride.



& so,

            ASTON Bridal was born. The brand embodies each wearer's true being and unique love story into a tangible artwork. From elegant and sophisticated to flirty and fun, Miranda works collaboratively with her clients to create their perfect bridal moment.


Our experience is one of luxury, without the price tag. Offering made-to-measure gowns that give brides the bespoke flexibility to completely customise their ASTON design or choose from the brand's most popular ready-to-wear options.


Miranda's innate ability to immerse herself in each bride's essence is renowned amongst fashion-forward brides. Approaching each gown as a true reflection of the wearer's love story, infusing intricate details and modern romantic pairings to challenge bridal traditions.


With ASTON Bridal, Miranda has redesigned what it means to be a person getting married. Her approach is holistic, fun, and personal, creating a brand that is truly a mirror of each bride's unique love story.                    


And so, Miranda-lee Aston became the founder of a brand that was destined to capture the hearts of brides around the world.


ASTON Bridal is bridal reimagined, as you.


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