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Kara And Jordan

Photography by: Andi Artigue


Wedding date: Wedding date: 8/15/2023

Spouses name: Jordan Cross

If you could sum up your day in 3 words with no explanation: Special, Intimate, Fun

Okay now the juicy stuff…

A little about you?

I’m California raised but currently live in the state of Wisconsin with my husband Jordan and our 3 cats and 1 dog. Jordan and I have known each other for 10 years but have been dating for 4! In my my free time I love to travel and I’m constantly booking things to keep me busy. Whether it’s a short flight for a weekend getaway, a concert, a road trip, I love to be doing things and spending my time enjoying things with people I love!

Our approach to planning the elopement was…

To make things as easy as possible. We always knew we didn’t want a big wedding or anything traditional. We wanted to do the bare minimum but still feel like we were having our special moment to remember and cherish.

Looking back on the day we are so glad that we…

Ended up allowing our friends and family in the chapel. We initially decided to not have our friends and family there, and have it be between just us two. But we’re glad we changed our minds and had them there to witness and support us. It’s a memory we can all now remember and share together!

The most unexpected part of the day was..

How comfortable it was getting our photos taken! Jordan was very nervous and always hated getting his photo taken, but it felt so natural and comfortable and it was so much fun to do! I think the love and joy you feel after the ceremony carries into the rest of the night and everything you do. We only had 30 minutes in the chapel and 30 min outside with the classic car so we felt the pressure to get good shots.

When I look back on the day now I feel….

Grateful. I get so overwhelmed with how grateful I am to have had my family and best friends celebrate with us for three days and that I get to call Jordan my husband and life partner!

A word of advice to new brides would be…

This day is about you and your future husband and the love you two are going to share for a lifetime. Stick to what is most important to the two of you. It’s so easy to get caught up in other peoples expectations/wants/visions, but remind yourself it’s okay to be selfish and do things the way that you feel is best for you as a couple!

My ASTON Bridal moment was special because…

I bought two other dresses and was convinced I wasn’t going to find “the one”. I gave up on my vision and settled with “good enough” but then I came across the Miranda Mini and knew I had to have it.

It was the PERFECT mix of I wanted to feel - bridal, sexy, fun. I didn’t have to miss out on feeling like a bride even though we went a more non traditional route. I couldn't have dreamed of a better dress for my Vegas elopement.

Vendors / credits:

VENUE: Sure Thing Chapel PHOTOGRAPHER: Andi Artigue


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