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Love in EveryLine: Engraved Rings, My Bespoke Cigar Ring by Son Del Sol & Creating family heirlooms.

A peek into our family heirloom piece with

SON DEL SOL @sondelsol

"Pieces that are truly one of one.

Lovelines is our signature form of engraving. Lovelines is the process of capturing the handwriting of your loved ones or for your loved ones, transforming it into a digital, engraveable design and engraving them directly into your jewellery to keep with you always.

Capturing that moment in time and making it last forever." - SON DEL SOL

Hello, dear readers. Today, I'm honoured to share a story that resonates deeply with the essence of love, commitment, and the remarkable significance of rings in our lives.

We all know weddings are a tapestry of emotions woven together by personal & intricate details that honour our relationships and family traditions, and perhaps no details are more cherished than the rings exchanged in this sacred bond...

The Journey Begins

This journal entry is a little bit of a personal testament to the power of bespoke jewellery crafting and sentimentality intertwined etchings...

It begins with a conversation – not just any conversation, but a creative dialogue between two mothers, two wives, two souls who understand the essence of crafting emotions into tangible forms.

It begins with the artisans at Son Del Sol, whose mastery in the realm of jewellery brings dreams to life.

A Journey Through Lovelines

As we embarked on the discovery of what crafting a bespoke ring meant to my family, it was with a profound understanding of the weight this ring would carry – not just as a physical ornament but a vessel for the present and a legacy for the future.

With Miki, the visionary designer at Son Del Sol, every step was a delicate decision of shapes, ideas, and sentiments that would transcend the present...

The Process Behind a Loveline Heirloom

The process went beyond choosing a design, precious metal or ring size; it delved into what would make the ring uniquely special to our family – a ring that would embody both the present and the legacy it would one day become.

Miki and I shared alot of back and forth, discussing ideas of sentiments that brought tears to my eye, along with other intricate details of shapes, to the careful selection of size, every decision was weighed with the understanding that this ring would become a bridge between generations.

What would I engrave into my ring?

Some ideas that we discussed were: a snippet of our wedding vows, My husband's handwriting of our Son's name... and so many other incredible ideas of what could be engraved into this precious cigar band, that all totally pulled on my heartstrings.

We decided I would sit down with the family one afternoon with some drawing equipment and see what came about.

I am a big believer of having a plan, or idea, but allowing room for the magic to unfold organically and oh did we get the most beautiful surprise because of it...

This experience of creating a one of a kind family heirloom piece quickly became a deeply personal chapter that explored the special shared experience of mothers, and fathers, watching their children learn to write or draw for the first time... Miki and I spoke of the special bond and memories made by sitting down with our children with a pen and paper and seeing what came of it.

Watching how their scribbles resembled hearts or learning to write their name, beaming with pride...

The Result

Together we created a one of a kind, truly special piece that I can hand down to my Son, and possibly, hopefully, be handed down again and again...

The Details

A 5mm Yellow Gold Cigar band with a rounded face profile, featuring two beautiful etchings created in our own handwriting.

Our ☀, we love you, next to, Two Tracing outlines of my son's hands.

A little context into the sentiment behind our bespoke piece:

When Rocky was born, Thibault got his name tattooed on his arm, below a handrawn picture of a sun, that was drawn by me.

During our doodle session for this beautiful heirloom we wrote a few little passages to Rocky, that started off by saying: "our Son .......", and quickly evolved into our ...

I thought this was incredibly special for a few reasons... now I know parents shouldn't have expectations of their children but I couldn't help but wonder who rocky might one day hand this ring over to? Would it be his partner, or his child, or a dear friend, that part didn't matter to me so much as what that Gesture would mean... so this little image of the son felt right.

I felt like it really spoke to the joy and light that Rocky brings into our lives, and how maybe one day, hopefully, he would feel that way about someone else, and passing the ring down to them would be my greatest hope for him... to find and to feel love that deep as well.

I know, I know, it's not always so deep, but a mothers love for their baby is, and this is where our mind wanders!

So I sent a few other doodles across to Miki, after we had bonded during our back and forth conversations, chatting about how sweet it was watching our children write and draw for the first time.

Miki surprised me with another engraved element of the design that truly brought a tear to my eye and will remind me every time I look at it, of how this beautiful tangible piece embodies this precious memory that we made with our Son.

Like any parent I'm sure, every now and again we trace our babies hands, or imprint them in paint or ink somewhere and lock them away in our hearts for a rainy day when we look back and think just how much they have grown... which often turns into us remembering all the beautiful times, the hard times growing into our motherhood, and grieving the versions of our children we never got to say goodbye to because they simply grew up...

Long story short the tracings of my little Rocky's hands made their way onto this divine heirloom and knowing I am holding his hands in Mine, everyday, is priceless.

I can't thank Miki and the team at Son Del Sol enough, this whole experience has been a treasure to me and I couldn't wait to share it with our community here. I just know so many of you will adore this idea of creating special pieces for your wedding day and beyond.

Making Unique Memories is what we are all about and how special is it to be able to create such a sentimental and bespoke piece for yourself and your loved ones.

If the story of my bespoke cigar ring resonates with you, and you're inspired to create a unique piece that captures the essence of your journey, I encourage you to explore the incredible artistry of Son Del Sol.

Their visionary designers, Miki and the team, specialise in crafting jewellery that goes beyond mere adornment, transforming emotions and memories into tangible works of art.

Let the artisans at Son Del Sol guide you on a journey of translating your sentiments into a bespoke masterpiece.

Together you too can craft heirlooms that whisper stories, evoke emotions, and stand as timeless symbols of love.

Reach out to Son Del Sol today and embark on a journey that celebrates your unique story, bound forever in the form of exquisite jewellery.


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