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NEWCASTLE'S FINEST: inside this Styled Shoot at Greystone Estate Hunter Valley...

STATIONARY & SIGNAGE @designstoadore

Last Month this incredible team of Wedding Vendors showcased their inspiration for the wedding season ahead at the enchanting Greystone Estate in Hunter Valley.

In collaboration with an extraordinary team of vendors, we orchestrated a day that elevated love to its truest form with high school sweethearts, Bronnie & Karl.

Join us as we relive the magic of this extraordinary shoot that beautifully harmonized elegance, romance, and individuality.

Let's dive in...

Capturing Love Through Lenses

Our journey into the captivating world of this wedding began with the incredible lens of Sahra James Photography. Sahra's ability to encapsulate the emotions, the nuances, and the essence of love within each frame is unparalleled... From stolen glances to heartfelt exchanges, every emotion was captured with finesse, ensuring that the love story remains etched in the moody captures.

Crafting an Ethereal Vision: Styling & Florals

Enter Lovers Lane Weddings and Events, the architects behind the ethereal vision. Each element of the day was thoughtfully curated, with Lily & Mae Floristry bringing floral artistry that painted the scene in hues of elegance. Their creations adorned every corner, with a stunning table scape, bar decoration & Champagne tower, breathing life into the surroundings and infusing the venue (Greystone Estate) with an enchanting blend of romance and allure.

Designs to Adore meticulously crafted stationery and signage, which seamlessly blended with the surroundings, threading together every element of the day.

An Enchanting Venue

Greystone Estate, nestled in the heart of Hunter Valley, provided the perfect canvas for this celebration. Its sprawling landscapes and rustic charm set the tone for an intimate and captivating gathering. With multiple areas that will be divine for any wedding, an outdoor cathedral, an incredible indoor wet weather option that wont leave you feeling like you compromised and beautiful grounds for those golden hour photos...

Beauty Beyond Compare

Our bride to be Bronnie was a vision of timeless beauty, brought to life by the skilled hands of Tori Leigh Hair Art and Makeup by Sarah B.

Their artistry left Bron radiating confidence and feeling her most divine self, letting her inner beauty shine through with a focus on classic, chic hair and stunning modern make up with beautiful skin at the focus.

Dapper Elegance

The groom-to-be Karl stood tall in a suit by Rundle Tailoring, embodying both style and sophistication. The immaculate tailoring spoke volumes, looking chic and timeless next to our ASTON Bridal gowns.

As we look back on this captivating day, we're reminded of the magic that unfolds when talented creatives unite to create something truly divine.

Aston Bridal doesn't just provide gowns; we embark on a journey with you, infusing every fabric, every detail, and every moment with your unique love story. Your wedding day is a canvas, and we're here to help you paint it with the most unique and sweet brushstrokes...

In your own journey, remember that your love story is unlike any other. It deserves to be celebrated in ways that resonate with your hearts.

Together, with your unique team of hand picked vendors, we will turn your dreams for your day into a tangible reality. This is Bridal, your way.

Connect with Us

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of elegance and romance? Visit us at to explore our curated collections and begin the exciting process of creating your own magical wedding day. Let's transform your dreams into a tapestry of luuurve and chic style that will stand the test of time.

Vendors / credits:

STATIONARY & SIGNAGE @designstoadore


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